Serious Nutrition Solutions Leucine - 500 Grams

Serious Nutrition Solutions Leucine - 500 Grams


Serious Nutrition Solutions

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Brand: Serious Nutrition Solutions


  • - Building Lean Muscle*
  • - Improving Recovery*
  • - Retaining Strength & Lean Muscle While Dieting*

Release Date: 08-07-2012

Details: Lean Muscle* Improve Recovery* Support Protein Synthesis* Anti-Catabolic 5 Grams Per Serving* 100 Servings Per Container Serious Nutrition Solutions L-Leucine powder can be cost effectively used by weight lifters, endurance athletes, and other individuals looking to benefit from supplementing with this branch chain amino acid. L-Leucine can be used by those looking to improve recovery and/or build lean muscle. L-Leucine also supports protein synthesis and exerts anti-catabolic effects, which makes it ideal for individuals looking to increase or retain lean muscle & strength while dieting.

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EAN: 0885371308128

Binding: Health and Beauty

Item Condition: New

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