Serious Nutrition Solutions X-GELS 100 Softgels


Serious Nutrition Solutions

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Brand: Serious Nutrition Solutions



Details: X Gels by Serious Nutrition Solutions SNS Amplify the effects your workouts place on your body to get the best results and your best pumps yet! X Gels contain Arachidonic Acid, an anabolic Omega 6 acid that amplifies the body's response to resistance training. Arachidonic Acid is an essential fatty acid. It is found mainly in small concentrations in the fatty parts of meats and fish. Get Greater Response from your muscles and get the best pumps, and the best effects your body can offer! Exercise can decrease the body's levels of Arachidonic Acid, so supplement it to get the best effects! Benefits: -Increase Lean Body Mass -Increase Strength -Increase Power -Increase Endurance -Crazy Muscle Pumps X-Gels users may notice higher than normal levels of muscle soreness in the days following workout. This is due to Arachidonic Acid intensifying the body's normal response to weight training.

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