Staples 383318 Brand Large Rubber Bands 24 Pack

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Make mailing easier with these big rubber bands. With durable rubber construction, these rubber bands are great for securing files, printed receipts, boxes, and other items, and can stretch widely, making them easy to use on many things. These Staples big rubber bands come with 24 per pack and have assorted colors, providing a simple way to color-code and organize items.

Staples big rubber bands are reliable and dependable, as their large size makes it easy for you to use them to secure large items or stacks of items. They are just what you need to keep big stacks of filled envelopes, catalogs, or brochures together. Each package comes with rubber bands in assorted colors, so you can even color-code stacks with them. Each of the Staples big rubber bands in every handy package of 24 measures 7" x 1/8". That means they're big enough to bundle and secure plenty of documents, sheets of paper, or very large pieces of rolled-up poster paper.

Since packages of Staples's big rubber bands contain differently colored bands, including red, blue, and yellow, you can use them to color-code bundles of items. They're also easier to find in your drawer or on your storage shelf. Rubber bands are very handy to have around any office, and you might want to bring some home as well. Order them along with other daily office needs such as paper clips.

  • The rubber band is perfect for repeated use or fast application
  • Rubber bands size is 7" x 0.12"
  • Each package comes with rubber bands in assorted colors
  • 24 rubber bands per pack

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