Staples 51666 Correction Tape, 10/Pack

Correction Tape


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The correction tape allows clean, fast correction of typos, and eliminates the hassle of reprinting documents scheduled for faxing or copying due to errors. The tape is easy to use to correct errors of different magnitudes-such as letters, words or sentences. It covers errors on a white sheet of paper and enables the user to rewrite on the tape without creating messy shadows. the tape is dry to prevent soaking. After the tape is applied, it may be written or typed on, no need to wait for drying.

  • Correction Tape
  • 1 line regular coverage
  • Easy, fast, clean and accurate application
  • Applies dry and clear no drying
  • Fax and photocopy without shadows
  • Not recommended for use on glossy paper
  • Smooth and dry-write on immediately 
  • Correction tape is 0.19"W x 8.75 yards per dispenser
  • 10/pack

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